2019 Festival Screenings
Saturday June 29, 2019, 2:30 pm Studio Sceening
Sunday June 30, 2019, 2:30 pm Studio Screening
Sunday June 30, 2019 8:00 pm Studio Screening and Live Performances
Monday July 1, 2019 Revue Cinema Gala Screening

Saturday Afternoon Studio Screening
"Water We Are"
Saturday, June 29, 2019
2:30 pm
Celia Franca Centre, 400 Jarvis Street, Toronto (Wheelchair Accessible)
Description: An afternoon screening of short dance films

Liquid Body Practice
Length: 1:00
Country: Brazil
Filmmaker: Bruno Caverna
Release date: 2018
Short Description: Two men dancing in pool

Isabel and Ezra: Dance No. 4

Length: 5:55
Country: U.S.A.
Filmmaker: Andrei Andreev a.k.a andreimoment
Release date: July 2018
Dancers: Isabel Aguerrebere, Ezra LeBank
Choreography: Isabel Aguerrebere and Ezra LeBank in collaboration with Andrei Andreev
Location of Filming: Long Beach, CA
Short Description: Watch Isabel and Ezra as they slow down time and dive into an exploration of emotional and sensual kinesthetic play between two walls.

The Gentle Ladies Allie Costello
Length: 2:53
Country: USA:
Release date:  Nov 2018
Location of Filming:  Studio in the NoHo Arts District, Los Angeles, USA
Short Description: A mini documentary about a contact improvisation workshop presented  by The Gentle Ladies The Gentle Ladies is an all-female collective made up of nine women. Their goal is to inspire creatives of all sorts to develop their artistic identity through dance education and connection with strong female role models.

Ultimo Turno                                              
Length: 7:42
Country: Argentina
Filmmakers: Sebastian Sansotera, Andres Montero Bustamante, Iván Varela.
Release date: November 2016
Dancers: Martin Muniagurria & Martin Gouiric
Music: Karl Hutt
Location of Filming: Family Factory - Villa Lynch - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Short Description: A family factory closes after more than 20 years of production. A son, together with a group of artists, decide to intervene. During the last day of work, while the workers finished cleaning the space, with the factory already empty of work tables, raw materials, machines and their noises, the place is inhabited with music and movement. Two senior workers are taken by surprise and witnessed this improvisation. Moving with the memories of space and the energies still latent in the dust of the floors, the air and the echo of the machines still sounding.

Contact Improvisation in Finland
Length: 3:57
Country: Finland
Filmmaker: Tiina Jääskö & Katri Lausjärvi
Release date: november 2018
Dancers: Tiina Jääskö & Katri Lausjärvi
Music: Gramatik
Description: Two women jamming in while sun stream through the windows.

Contact Improvisation Mazunte @ Mermejita Beach Pau&Fran
Length: 1:43
Country: Spain
Filmmakers and dancers: Pau Segui and Fran Cesk
Release date: Febrary 2018
Camara: Roberto Cusimano
Location of filming: Mermejita Playa-Mazunte-Oaxaca- Mexico
Description: Two guys jamming on a beach at sunset

Length: 7:00
Country: Argentina
Filmmaker: Luca Carco Pacell
Release date:  2018
Dancers: Maximiliano Sonderegger and Luca Carco pacella
Camera: Romina Navarro
Editing: Ivet Kuschevatzky
Location of Filming:  Cordoba, Argentin
Short Description: The simplicity of the two, the brotherhood, the friendship. The bond of being, dancing being. And if it was just this? Be, transform, return, inhabit

ACF falta Trailer
Length: 1:38
Country: Asturias
Filmmaker: Irene Alvarez Coto
Release date: September 2018
Location of Filming: Asturias Contact Festival
Short Description: Trailer for Asturias Contact Festival

Contact Improvisation Tiina Jääskö & Jordi Ramon
Length: 4:42
Country: Finland
Filmmaker: Tiina Jääskö
Release Date: Jan. 2018
Dancers: Tiina Jääskö, Jordi Ramon
Camera: Maite Gonzalez
Editing: Tiina Jääskö
Description: Man and women dance by water

Length: 1:38
Country: USA
Filmakers and dancers: Nuria Bowart and Shira Yaziv
Release date: December 2018
Filmmaker: Leomar Moring
Location of Filming: Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland, California
Short Description: Shira and Nuria both share backgrounds in Capoeira and various forms of improvisational and partner dance. This work is our attempt to share what we love to do.

Contact Improvisation Goa India 2019
Length: 2:29
Country: India
Filmmaker: Rohit Perm
Dancers: Rosolind Hogate Smith and Ariane Bernier
Music : Dan Phillipson - Time Passes By
Camera and Editor: Rohit Prem

Length: 1:46
Country: Russia
Filmmaker: Marina Sekacheva
Release date: December 2018
Description: Play-Fight Practice by Bruno Caverna -  Vienna Intensive
“The flow state is also known as ‘being in the zone’!  To move and play-fight with a partner at middle speed is a powerful key to access such dimensions of unimaginable body intelligence and intuitive powers.

Bruno Caverna Documentary FORMLESS ARTS/PLAY FIGHT
Length: 10:25
Country: Russia
Filmaker: NOIR Films
Release date:
Music/Sound design/Sound Mix:
Long Arm
VK -
FB -
SC -
Director of Photography: Maxim Eruzhenets, Marina Brezhneva
Edit: Maxim Eruzhenets
Color: Maxim Eruzhenets
Website -
FB -
“There was one sense of the unity, and from that unity all forms arise” - Bruno Caverna, the founder of Formless Arts/Play-Fight.

Length: 5:15
Country: Canada
Filmmaker/s: Leah Trottier, Graeme Leung
Release date: Premiere at CDIFF
Location of filming: Hamilton Waterfalls
Dancers: Leah Trottier, Alina Kouchinova
Music: It's All Simple  by Leah Trottier, mixed & mastered by James Florio
Cinematography & Editing: Graeme Leung
Camera: Panasonic GH5
Short Description: WILD is an interpretation of the relationship between mother earth and humanity.


Sunday Afternoon Studio Screening
"Dive in Toronto"
Sunday, June 30, 2019
2:30 pm
Celia Franca Centre, 400 Jarvis Street, Toronto (Wheelchair Accessible)
Screening of short films from local filmmakers and guest artists

(No) Detachment
Length: 4:26
Country: Italy
Filmmaker: Marisa Cecchetti
Release date: 2018
Company: Freediving Dancer from the Deep Water Dance Festival 2018
Dancers: Marisa Cecchetti, Davide Casiraghi, Rossana Rossoni, Michela Marton, Virginie Sueres, Dorothée Daester
Location: Y-40 deep pool in Italy
Music: Kthugha from
Underwater cameraman: anonymous
Description: This video is a documentation about the 1st Deep Water Dance Festival done at the deepest pool in the world, the Y-40. It represents the contact improvisation dance at 10 meters depth in thermal water where the physical laws are different from the dance on the floor.

A Provocation on Wheels

Length: 6:00
Country: Canada
Filmmakers and dancers: Shay Erlich and Jenna Roy
Release date: 2019 CDIFF premiere
Description: Wheels represent possibility and plurality: the space between motion and stillness, the balance point between safety and risk, and how imagination creates opportunities for new motions to emerge. In animating the inanimate device, the user is in turn animated, perpetuating motion, relationships and explorations.

Somatic-Landscape Encounter One (an embodied documentary)
Country: Canada
Filmmaker: Real Eguchi
Release date: May 2018
Dancers: Leanne Dixon and Real Eguchi
Camera: Nazeer Mohamed
Editing: Eric Soto
Produced by: bREAL art + design
Supported by: Laurie Davis
Music: Thomas Newman- Ocean and Neil Sedaka - Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
Description: Exploring our Empathy for natural process, we nurture our somatic awareness and intelligence and our felt sense of another and place.

Dancing Outside
Length: 1:25
Country: Canada
Filmmaker: Bryn Bamberk
Release date: Jun 22, 2018
Dancers: Bryn Bamber and Tim Spronk
Music: Chico( Ma Muse Cover) - song by Bryn Bamber
Description: How does contact improv dance interact with water, with the outdoors with the public? This film explores a man and a woman dancing outside.

Unedited Tension
Length: 8:01
Country: Canada
Filmmaker: Alina Kouvchinova and Pablo Perez
Release dates: 2019 CDIFF premiere
Dancers: Pablo Perez and Alina Kouvchinova
Camera: Jen Li
Editing: Alina Kouvchinova
Music: Pablo Perez
Description: Two dancer talk about their friendship the the backdrop of their improvised dance.

PoolSide Play
Length: 1:18
Country: Canada
Filmmaker: Eric Liu
Release dates: 2019 CDIFF premiere
Dancers: Eric Liu and Zuzanna Samkova.
Description: Poolside acros yoga
Music: Pagina Cinco by Prefuse 73
Description: Poolside Play is a short acro yoga flow by Eric Liu and Zuzanna Samkova. The choreographic impetus was simply to find a dynamic entry, end with a hand to hand, and spin in the same direction in as many different ways that we could connect nicely in the middle.

Length: 9 minutes
County: Canada
Filmmaker: Danielle Nash
Release date: June 2019 at CDIFF
Dancers: Danielle Nash and Nijen Levon Cherkezyan
Videography and Editing: Stuart Blain
Description: Still waters run deep. As two human beings meet in presence, what stirs beneath the surface, yet remains out of sight? In this improvised piece, two dancers explore the edges of embodied emotion, discovering what arises when undercurrents of feeling are allowed full expression.

Mindfulness Meditator
Length: 4:05
Country: Canada
Filmmakers: The Amazon of Parkdale (Kim Simons and Olivia Proudfoot)
Release date: June 2019 at CDIFF
Production: Nightshade Studio
Audio Engineer: Ference Szabo
Description: A novice meditator cultivates mindful awareness and encounters distractions.

Rooftop Contact Improve
Length: 2:17
Country: Canada and India
Filmmakers and dancers: Hari Choudhary, Ariane Bernier and Abhishek Goyal
Release date: April 7, 2018
Location: Filmed in Udaipur / India
Camera: Amitya Sasidharan (India)
Editing: Abhishek Goyal (India)
Dancers: Hari Choudhary (India) and Ariane Bernier (Canada)
Music:G rains by Bonobo
Short description: Improvisation on a rooftop in Udaipur, India

Ki2m -Mix
Length: 1:12
Country: USA
Filmmaker: Leomar Moring
Release date: December 2018
Dancers: Nuria Bowart and Shira Yaziv
Location of Filming: Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland, California
Short Description: Shira and Nuria both share backgrounds in Capoeira and various forms of improvisational and partner dance. This work is our attempt to share what we love to do.

Kitchen Dance in Kitchener
Length: 1:47
Country: Canada
Filmmaker: Vivek Patel
Release date: July 21, 2018
Dancers: Vivek Patel and Reese Hart
Music: Cirkusz Olvidado by: Jaron Freeman-Fox
Location of filming: Cosmic Maple - Kitchener, ON

Length: 6:30
Country: Canada
Filmmaker: Sarah Jones
Release date: June 2019 at CDIFF
Location: All three floors at Dovercourt House, Toronto
Camera: Sarah Jones and Peter Kok
Editing: Sarah Jones
Dancers: Sarah Jones and Peter Kok
Music : Nature, Dovercourt House and vocals - Sarah Jones
Short description: Coming back to Contact Improvisation after experiencing trauma in the dance form through the structural and emotional support of Dovercourt House, my voice, nature and the CI community.

Screen Dance Contact Improv Costa Rica
Length: 6:30
Country: Costa Rica
Filmmakers: Alejandro Barboza, Camilo Chica and Josh Desanti
Release date: Oct, 2018
Dancers: Alejandro Barboza and Camilo Chica
Camera: Josh Desanti
Music: Szabadi Andrea/Smosgasbord

Length: 6:00
Country: Canada
Filmmaker: Olya Gltoka
Release Date: May 2019
Camera and editing: Olya Glotka
Short description: A round robin reflection on what Contact Improvisation is/means/does to our brain in a form of classic haikus.


Sunday Evening Screening and Live performance
"Move Me""
Sunday, June 30, 2019 –
8:00 pm
Live performance and film screening
Celia Franca Centre, 400 Jarvis Street, Toronto (Wheelchair Accessible)

Counter Balance
Length 6:50
Country: USA
Filmmakers: Anita Fillmore Kenny, Kris Lenzo, Jamie Fillmore
Director: Anuradha Rana
Producers: Anuradha Rana and B.Rich
Cinematographer: B.Rich
Original Music: Jammie Fillmore
Location sound: Scott Kaiser and Anuradha Kaiser
Editor: Kathleen Mullins
Sound design and Mix: William J. Conner
Titles and Graphics: Gorden Glenn
Colour: laurie Little
This short experimental films weaves together footage filmed over the course of a year as choreographer and dancer, Anita Fillmore Kenny, works with dancer Kris Lenzo and musician Jamie Fillmore to craft a short piece that examines the absence of presence, as they meditate on the loss of loved ones and the process by which we come to terms with, and celebrate, an unyielding emotion.

Mareta - Please Yes: a lullaby
Length: 4:59
Country: Spain amd Switzerland
Filmmaker: Blas Payri
Mother: Beatrice Morand
Daughter: Jasmine Morand
Singing: Rafel Arnal singing Mareta (“Little mother”). A traditional Valencian lullaby
Productions: Prototype Status
Co-produced with: Images Vevey, Dansometre and Oriental-Vevey (Switerland)

Masculin / Féminin
Length: 17:27
Country: Scotland
Filmmakers: Imogene Newland, Sylvain Ka and Faustas Talacka
Release Date: 2018.11.2
Dancers: Imogene Newland and Sylvain Ka
Camera: Faustas Talacka
Editors: Faustas Talacka and Sylvain Ka

Length: 11:59
Country: France
Filmmakers: Fu LE
Release Date:
Choreographer: Fu Le
Dancers: Dancers from Danse En Seine Association
Actors: Longmen An, Roxane Colson and Anne-Constance Six
Rehearsal director: Lucie Mariotto and Chloe Duvivier
Director of photography: Adrien Gontier
Editor: Camille Guyot
Composer and Sound Design: Harum Bayraktar and Thomas Jarvis
Producer: Tetrapode Company and Famouse Productions


Monday Evening Gala Screening and Awards
"Streaming Consciousness"
Monday, July 1, 2019
7:00 Creator Chat
7:30 Gala
Revue Cinema, 400 Roncesvalles Street, Toronto (Wheelchair Accessible).
Please note the Revue Cinema does not have a fully accessible washroom but the Westerly restaurant directly across the street has offered that we can use their accessible washroom. The after party is at the Westerly and will involve a complimentary drink and horderves.

Contact Improvisation Lab Goa (GURU & HARI)
Length: 3:26
Counrty: Kolkata, India
Filmmaker: Rahul Varma, Guru Suraj, Hari Choudhary
Release Date: March 1, 2018
Dancers: Hari Choudhary and Guru Suraj
Editing: Rahul Varma, Guru Suraj
Location of Filming: Goa - Arambol
Description : For yourself be blissful, for others be loving. Bliss will take care of your subjectivity, inferiority, and love will take care of your external life. And when both are there simultaneously they balance each other; otherwise man becomes lopsided . GURU & HARI were improvising blissfully with love on a nice sunny day and the glimpse was captured by Rahul Varama.

Length: 5:48
Country: Italy
Filmmaker: Gaetano Maria Mastrocinque
Release Date: 2016
Dancers: Leonardo Lambruschini and Caterina Testi
Camera: Gaetano Maria Mastrocinque and Gianluca Bennati
Editing: Gaetano Maria Mastrocinque
Location of Filming: Arezzo (Italy) - Spazio Seme International Artistic Center (
Description : Argille is a work of video dance/video art that reflects on the theme of gender difference and attraction of opposites through different step. The two dancers, in extreme harmony and with great sensuality, move in the darkness covered by clay, gradually developing a relationship made up of attraction and reciprocal curiosity, examining one another, slowing growing closer to merge their movements in the unifying force of the choreography.

Contact Improvisation: Zuzanna and Sasha
Length: 1:58
Country: Thailand
Filmmaker: Sash Dodo
Release Date: April, 2018
Dancers: Zuzanna Bukowski and Sasha Dodo
Camera: Alicja Horbowy
Editing: Sasha Dodo
Location of Filming: Thailand, Koh Phangan
Description: Fun on the beach with a dog!

Contact Improv India Short-Film, Dharamkot 2018

Length: 3:25
Filmmaker: Psycharitra and Divye Dua
Country: India
Release Date: November, 2018
Description: A cinematic short-film for the CI India. CII (Contact Improvisation India) is a collective of movement artists traveling together to share the movement-art form of Contact Improvisation.

Play-Fight Camp 2018 // Fangas & I-Fen
Length: 1:58
Filmmaker: Bruno Caverna
Release Date:
Dancers: Fangas and I-Fen Tung
Camera: Marina Sekacheva
Description : "My brain is having so much input during 10 days camping, but my body seem a bit stuck. But I know it’s the most valuable thing while you meet the difficulty. life is full of surprise but with perception, simple but not easy. I remember that sunset moment and tilt ground, I even couldn’t move my body as my usual way, but I know I’m not alone, just Keep the conversation with Fangas, space, sun, breathing... take and respond. Play with him, fight with myself becoming the only thing I can deal with. So much feelings can’t describe with the words, but the ripple is still on and on." I-Fen Tung
"Learning is always beyond one’s expectation.Once I understand how to let go, I will have the ability to accept then receive. It’s a life-long task, so easy to be cheated and missed at the mess world. Trying is necessary, falling is necessary, play as fighting and fight with playing are necessary. I remember that day while sunset, calm and peace surround us, then I contact with I-Fen, we sooner falling into even more calm, peaceful wave together, we Play-Fight." Fangas

Jacob’s Pillow Contact Improvisation
Length: 0:58
Country: USA
Filmmaker: Sophia Roméu & Hayim Heron
Release Date: October 2018
Dancers: Tania Garrido, Melania Olcina, Juan Carlos Toledo
Camera: Amber Schmiesing and Hayim Heron
Editing: Hayim Heron
Location of Filming: Jacob’s Pillow, Becket, MA, USA
Description: Contact Improvisation: A collaboration between Festival 2018 dancers and members of Jacob's Pillow's creative team.

Diversity & Inclusion in Contact Improvisation
Length: 5:17
Country: USA
Filmmaker: Taja Will
Release Date: December, 2018
Dancers: Taja Will
Description: Minnesota-based artist Taja Will shares about her work in the national contact improvisation community to create protocols for greater diversity and inclusion.

Salt Water
Length: 5:54
Country: USA
Filmmaker: Abe Abraham
Release Date: April, 2017
Dancers: Caitlin Abraham, Gabriella Alexis, Jace Coronado, Elizabeth Dunn, Cameron Fructuoso, Florian Fructuoso, David Gonsier, Aline Mayne, Jaqlin Medlock, Alison Mixon, Nick Peregrino, Derrion Reddin, Erke Roosen, Michelle Russell, Katelyn Summers, Izabela Szylinska, Daniel White, Jake Warren
Director of Photography: Frankie DeMarco
Camera: Liam Lee
Editing: Abe Abraham
Location of Filming: 440 Studios, NY, USA
Description: Salt Water explores the contrast between the force of natural events and our own need and desire for stability.

Cindy and Micheal Choreography
Length: 4:29
Country: Canada
Filmmakers: Michael Demski and Cindy Salgado
Release Date: 2018
Dancers: Michael Demski and Cindy Salgado
Music: Tree by Olafur Arnalds

Contact with Escalator
Length: 0:10
Country: Canada
Filmmaker: Vivek Patel
Release Date: Feb. 2018
Dancers: Vivek Patel
Description: Dancer meets escalator

Mix if Films From: Jiemba Sands
- Escaltor
- How ot get over a care
- How to get over a fence
- Mini Man

Osaka Panorama Contact
Length: 2:09
Filmmaker: Charles Billard
Origin of Filmmaker: Canada
Release Date: June 2018
Dancers: Charles Billard, Yangjah
Camera: Charles Billard
Editing: Charles Billard
Location of Filming: Osaka, Japan
Description: Two friends celebrate seeing each other after a long separation. A curious cat enters the screen at various occasions. Iconic Osaka pictures complete the scene. The soundtrack consists of feedback captured on location.

Contact Improvisation in Vallpineda Tiina Jääskö & Guy Leon
Contact Improvisation Goa India 2019
Length: 3:19
Country: Finland
Filmmaker: Tiina Jassko
Release Date: March 2019
Dancers: Tiiina Jaasko and Guy Leon
Editor: Tiina Jasko

Little Playful Moments
Length: 0:28
Country: U.S.A
Filmmaker: Shira
Release Date: July 2018
Description: Fun dance in studio

Length: 1:45
Filmmaker: Marisa Hamamoto
Origin of Filmmakers:
Release Date: Oct. 2018
Dancers: Marisa Hamamoto, Piotr Iwanicki, Adelfo Cerame Jr., Carly Blaney, Shaheem, Auti Angel, Kima Dima, Marc Lafleur, Lionel Taplin, Mia Schaikewitz
Camera: Ryan Fleming
Description: Sometimes you just need a few brilliaont minds from the outside to take what you have and put a creative twist to it.

Dancing with your Dreams
Length: 14:09
Country: Portugal and Brasil
Filmmaker: Gustavo Neves
Release Date: January 2017
Producer: Violeta Lapa
Dancers: Sasha Bezrodnova, Mario Blanco, Ofer Rosenthal, Anita Silva, Cristina Baptista, Geni Duarte,
Isabel Costa, Joana Pinto Correia, Johanne Cozier, Laura Cruz, Luiza Neves,
Maxim Trifonov, Noa Illay-Shilo, Sandra Chormann, Anna Hufnagel, Sofia Silva, Nerea
Arias, Yaara Reuveni
Camera: Gustavo Neves
Editing: Gustavo Neves
Location of Filming: Sao Miguel Island
Description: A group of travelers from different corners of the world meet in the Azores for
exploring their dreams, flowing through touch and movement on a dance from the
forest to the sea. 1st Edition Oceans and Flow Azores 20

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