2015 Films

Archive List of Films Screened at the 2015 Festival

...be like wind...dance everywhere.... by Inna Pavlichuk/Lisa Via (Ukraine)

Caída Libre/Free Fall- excerpts Andrea Vázquez, Damián Varela/Miramemira, Sharon Fridman (Spain)

Caída Libre/Free Fall - site specific by Eva Viera and Sharon Fridman (Spain and Israel)

Caída Libre/Free Fall by Andrea Vázquez, Damián Varela/Miramemira, Sharon Fridman (Spain and Israel)

City Music by Michael Demski (Canada)

Contact Improv from the Inside out by Vivek Patel (Canada)

Cures for Fears by Mika Lillit Lior in collaboration with Rob Fairley (Canada)

Daily Contact by Rocio Marano (Argentina)

Dansen! CI in daily office life by Menno van der Woude (Netherlands)

Declan & Athos: CI by Declan Ji & Athos Germano (Spain)

Five Ways In by Mike Poltorak(UK), Sonja Bruhlmann (Switzerland), Alyssa Lynes(USA)

Motel by Sideris Nanoudis, Georgia Petrali, Daniel Bear Davis (Greece)

Not to Look For Answers by Pierre Enaux (France)

Now CI in everyday life - in rainy May by Christina Speth (Switerzerland/Germany)

Passage by Allen Kaeja (Canada)

Perpetual Motion by Ariel Llama (Canada)

Persephone and Aurora's Dream Excerpts by Malcolm Shute (USA)

Poured Out by Inna Pavlichuk/Lisa Via (Ukraine)

Rolling Like an Orange in Little Sun by Jija Sohn (Netherlands)

Rizoma Paris Excerpts by Julio Guzmán and Sharon Fridman (Spain and Israel)

Rizoma in Rovereto by Sharon Fridman and Sebastiano Luca Insinga (Israel, Spain, Italy)

Scuffle by Emma Rozanski (Australia)

Sweet Exit by Allen and Karen Kaeja (Canada)

The Heart by Douglas Rosenberg, Allen Kaeja (Canada)

Tu Tness by Inna Pavlichuk (Lisa Via) & Alex Postnikov (Ukraine)