2017 Films

Archive List of Films Screened at the 2017 Festival

CAR by Tara Brandel (Ireland)

An Intimate Dance: Journeys through Movement and Touch 
by Sanford Lewis (USA)

Contact Dance Every Body by Olya Gltoka, Luke Anderson & Laura Storey (Canada, Isreal)

Contact Tango by Clara Groezinger and Javier Cura (USA/Argentine)

Contact Tango Underwater by Clara Groezinger and Javier Cura (USA/Argentine)

Contested Landscapes by Sarah Puja Jones (Canada)

Edifice by Carmine De Amicis, Harriet Waghorn, Rogerio Silva (UK)

Embraced by Irene Sposetti (Germany)

Exant by Ines Von Bonhurst (UK/Portugal)

Dancing Around Helsinki by Tiina Jääskö (Finland)

For John and Merce by Malcom Shute (USA)

Farewell to Honest's Eds by Karen Kaeja, Allen Kaeja and Olya Glotka (Canada/Ukraine)

Flesh and Stone (Olya Glotka, Kathleen Rea and Nils Clifford (Canada, Ukraine)

Gazebo by Olya Glotka, Kim Simons & Caroline Joyal

Is CI Performable?
By Martin Keogh (Canada)

I see You...? Vivek Patel & Tanya Williams (Canada)

Israeli Contact Festival 2015 by Eugene Titov (Ukraine)

Lajka by Johan Planefeldt (Sweden)

Los Mundos Lisergicos by Javier Cardenete (Spain)

Magic-making by Vanessa Faria, Eric Liu & Olya Glotka (Canada/Ukraine)

Momentary by Suzanne Liska and Farivash Babanorouzi (Canada)

Movement Research: FloorWork and Libertango by Tom Weksler and Annie Rigney (Israel)

Never Grow Up by Alina Kouvchinova, Paul Barton, Olya Glotka & Kim Simons (Canada/Ukraine)

NOOS by Frédéri Vernier and Justine Berthillot (France)

Oliverance by Olya Glotka, Olivia Proudfoot, Ference Szabo (Canada/Ukraine)

Parcon NYC #1: Subway Stops by Parcon NYC: Andrew Suseno, Javaka Steptoe, Cecilia Fontanesi, Richard Inkyu Kim, and Dean James Beck (USA)

Rest by Tom Weksler and Olya Glotka (Israel/Canada/Ukraine)

Shinrin-yoku /森林浴 by Tom Weklser and Mayumu Minakawa (Japen/Israel)

Sigur Rós – Valtariby Christian Larson (Sweden)

Social CI Action by Kathleen Rea, Vivek Patel and Jeff Moskal (Canada)

Sphere by Ariel Llamas & Jane Husak (Canada)

Sur Ton Dos Frédéri Vernier and Justine Berthillot (France)

Sur ton dos - Spectacle(s) In-situ by Frédéri Vernier and Justine Berthillot (France)

To One by Tiina Jääskö (Finland)

Violators will be Towed Away by Olya Glotka (Canada/Ukraine)

Wake Me Up by Celine Poon and Sonya Janejit Kaur  (Malaysia)

Waves by Tom Weksler by filmmaker Olya Glotka (Israel/Canada/Ukraine)

Welcome to Nido by Sharon Fridman (Spain/Israel)

Wild Horses by Réka SZŰCS (filmmaker is Hungarian and productions is a Hungarian-Mexican co-production)

William and Heloise Duo on a Chinese Pole by William Underwood and Heloise Bourgeois (USA/France

30 Days of Contact by Olya and Kim Simmons (Canada/Ukraine)

30 Days of Contact Compilation Olya Glotka and Kim Simmons (Canada/Ukraine)